Electrical chopstick that make food taste more salty than supposed to

Is this the solution to low sodium diet? Would you try it?


Salt is overrated. Once you get away from it, it overwhelms you when you taste it at any appreciable level.


I remember reading about this a few years ago. Seems like this a bit different than the other group that did it? https://www.newsweek.com/chopsticks-make-food-salty-shooting-electricity-tongue-developed-scientists-1070122

The solution is to eat less salt.

Now that I don’t bake anymore, I don’t even have any salt at home. I have soy sauce that’s chock full of it, but I rarely use it.

And frankly, it’s the same with any diet to lose weight. Just eat less (and exercise more, but really that’s about gaining something else) and a balanced diet.

Muscle building? Get more protein in there. Need energy tomorrow (that you’ll use)? Then it’s fine to binge on carbohydrates. Got a sweet tooth? Well, tough luck you really don’t need much sugar, so it should only be a treat. Get some greens in there, and some roughage so you flow well.

And if you do that, you can treat yourself to the ‘full fat’ stuff every now and then. Or in this case, full salt stuff.


You sound like my cardiologist!

It takes about two months (at least it did for me). After my bypass I lost my appetite, which made it easier, but within two months EVERYTHING tastes too salty now, and we don’t use much salt in my house to begin with. It also helps that I’ve lost 45 pounds since October 25 (70 total since March 2021) - eating less, exercising daily (usually a 2 mile walk in a half hour), and wrestling with all you folks!