Duck Duck Go selling user information ... again

Is this news? Does it change anyone’s thinking about Duck Duck Go?

REVEALED: DuckDuckGo Sells Private Search Information of Users to Microsoft | The following article, REVEALED: DuckDuckGo Sells Private Search Information of Users to Microsoft, was first published on Big League Politics. DuckDuckGo, a search engine that claims to be privacy oriented, has betrayed their users yet again. The search engine is being exposed for selling information to Microsoft through a third-party tracker on their smartphone app. | The Tea Party’s Front Page. | Slowly, our freedoms are being chipped away with, “We know better…” justification as its hammer and chisel. (

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No sadly, And we’ve heard in the last couple of days that the Brave browser user data is also available for sale.

What’s missing from the story is the part that search engines play in this. In other words, if you want Google or Bing as your search engine, you have to agree to share data with Google or MS respectively.

And the problem is that for all intents and purposes, Google or Bing are the only viable search engine options anymore.


I figured it was something like that. Disappointing but it doesn’t seem like there is any better alternative if you want a decent search result.

How long before the Consumer Class Actions against DDG?

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