DirectStorage Tech- games now, but wider application coming

Microsoft’s lightning-fast DirectStorage tech finally arrives on PC | PCWorld

This has a lot of potential, of course for games, but for other apps and Windows generally.

It’s actually not hyperbole to say that it represents a rethink of some longstanding ideas about how apps/OS/RAM/Storage are used to give the user a better experience.

However as with things like multiple and asynchronous chip cores , it’s going to take a long time for developers to take full advantage.

It bears watching regardless.

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Eek! Not a good sign:

Update: It also appears that DirectStorage can lower your overall frame rate by roughly 10 percent in Forspoken , at least in the configuration tested. Read that separate report here.”

It’s just an early result, possibly mis-measured or inapplicable to other games or game configurations or GPU cards, etc.

I saw that as well. I’m not a big gamer, mostly Apple arcade games these days, but my son is. He and his peers believe it’s much more a case of being a buggy game generally, than a problem(s) with DirectStorage.

On top of that, our lead Windows developer who I have a great deal of respect for, has told me that DirectStorage is “very easy to do very badly” and his first few attempts to use it “were a disaster” and thus my comments that it will take awhile.

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