Device(s) you want or covet but can't quite bring yourself to pull the trigger on.?

BTW: we’ve heard there are efforts underway in the dev/mod community to hack a version of Android on to the Scribe. (it runs an incredibly customized Linux build at present) as the chip used in the Scribe in theory anyway can run Android 11 or later


I’m not the gamer I was in my youth, though my son is taking up the mantle. I did get hands on with this at CES and it immediately triggered the “Take my money right now” response.
Even pictures fail to convey just how impressive this is to actually use.

Razer Blade 18 review: the price is going up - The Verge

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The improvements in both 13th gen Intel and Nvidia GPUs in both efficiency and performance this round are getting lots of positive reviews. The Asus ROG Strix gaming laptops have even been reduced in price compared to last gen. By a lot.

Dave2D’s pick:


Interesting (perhaps great) choice, but

  1. Sold Out already.
  2. Where’s the Windows tablet you’d need to buy with it?


I pulled the trigger on the Boox Tab Ultra. It’s supposed to arrive today. While the final decision will be heavily dependent on the writing experience, these are the factors that made me take the chance:

  1. OneNote. I know I gripe loudly about the limitations of Android OneNote, but reMarkable doesn’t support it at all.
  2. OneDrive. The reMarkable implementation of OneDrive integration is pull - you have to bring a document from OneDrive to your device, and OneDrive knows nothing about the state of the document until you put it back, which is a version control hassle.
  3. Backlighting (Boox has a fancier term for it). I find myself in more low light situations than sunlight.
  4. Split Screen. Two apps on the screen at the same time (reading and notetaking)
  5. Kindle App.

Once I get it up and running, I’ll go to a more appropriate thread.

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Congratulations! You will have to let us know how it goes!

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I have really been wanting one of these of late. Both my Elipsa and the short amount of time I tried out the Scribe have really made me appreciate the virtues of a large e-ink display.

BTW: You may likely know this already, but you can’t backlight e-ink displays, only front/top light them. That being said, how well various companies implement the toplight/backlight varies significantly, one area where the Kindles seem to be in top tier at.


Seeing a Samsung P205 showing up for 70$ on out local Craigslist equivalent. It’s the last 8 inch device from Samsung that still available in our market. It’s updated to Android 11, 1920 x 1200 so probably a lot sharper than my Raytrektab.

The spec was so-so, but I had drawn ok on lower spec phone so it’s likely not a problem. It was the same size as my Raytrektab so I could totaly put SuperDisplay on it and have it connected to my Raytrektab , and put them both in my little pouch without problem. Maybe I can even diy a cover on both of them to make a pseudo-Neo setup. The device is USB-C so chance of connection failure is much lower than micro usb.

Should I go ahead and do it? Any tab A 2019 with Spen owner have any input about the device?

FWIW we have some of them in our customer base. The display is quite good from a resolution/sharpness standpoint though color accuracy is mediocre at best.

The one thing to watch out for is you might want to find how much or how hard it’s been used. The reason is that Samsung cheaped out on the storage in it, and under heavy use they have been starting to fail for some customers in the last 18 months or so with significant slowdown in read and write operations and even a few outright failures.

If it was lightly used it’s likely good for a few more years, but if for example it was used for gaming I’d be cautious.


I still have mine. I don’t have a SIM in it. Having spent more time with iPad recently, it just feels a lot slower. Admittedly, It’s relegated to the one device where I run Google Mail and Chrome.

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Yeah, my old Samsung tab Note 8.0 was dead for the same problem. I put lineage OS on it and SuperDisplay and used it as my bedside screen for a good while. One day it just refuse to boot up with system file missing error. Usually a reboot can fix it, but it happened more and more often and one day just stop booting up altogether. I figured it was pretty likely a storage failure and binned it.

Hopefully the tab is in a good condition. Will ask the seller more about it.

Out of curiosity, is the storage of newer tab S7 FE and S6 lite 2022 improved from that situation?

Yes both the S7 FE and Lite 2022 use UFS storage. I don’t have access to my notes today, but I believe its UFS 3 in both devices.

Samsung still uses emmc storage in some of their current lower end A series phones as well as the Tab A series. Even there it’s improved though, not in raw speed per se, but it’s significantly more "“durable” in other words rated for nearly 6 times read/write cycles over previous models

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Thank you, that’s reassuring! I guess i need to check more with the seller before buying.

Annoyingly slow. Stripped mine of any extra apps and use it now exclusively as a network fax reader. Really loved the device but Samsung cut a lot of corners and gimped the device.


I’m @dstrauss-ing it. Is that unpulling a trigger?

A purchase rewind?



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The latest addition to my list though more tablet adjacent than our general topics.

Besides it being very cool looking and Teenage Engineerings overall reputation for very high quality products, I have a great fondness for what is the essentially the latest evolution of the portable tape recorder.

Early in my career I worked very briefly for Sony in their commercial/business products group specifically the high end cassette based dictation and field recording devices.

I have a peer that has contacts with Teenage engineering and am hoping to angle at least an extended demo
Teenage Engineering’s TP-7 field recorder costs an eye-watering $1,499 | Engadget


Despite having the ordering window open for a few weeks, I couldn’t pull the trigger on the Tab Ultra C. But now that early reviews are gushing over it, when pre-orders opened again yesterday, I got one. It should ship on the 24th.


Couldn’t even order one on the UK site. Grrrr.