Dell latitudes with Ai

I know many here are skeptical of ai but in this case this is a very good application of the ai features in 14th gen, specifically to aid with the management and enterprise features that are often at least as important as performance for business.

The benefit here is that it should alleviate the performance hit those features entailed on previous gen core I

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Iā€™m not sceptical of A.I., but I am sceptical of Dell machines lasting more than x months! Seriously, they look nice, but all 5 of the Surface like devices we bought failed. Exact same screen issue.

Experiences can vary :slight_smile:

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Agreed that Dell has a mixed record with XPS and Inspiron models (consumer in other words) but the Latitudes and even more so Precision lines are above the average in reliability.

That also being said, Dell sells orders of magnitude more PCs in corporate in the US than their competitors, so you tend to hear more about issues due to that, not a higher actual failure rate.