Dell adding tracker to their Active Pen

Even though I never lost my bigger pens ( lost a silo s-pen before but that was before Samsung added the vibration warning), this could come in handy. Hopefully this won’t double the pen’s price.

Edit: Price 110$, so double is about right.

Really depends on where you live, I guess. For many people, this won’t be of much use and there won’t be enough Tile users to help them find it.

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For me its a solution to a problem I’ve never had. If the company would put it in a silo you wouldn’t need a tracker.


And for the sinister:
“ - Dell Exec: How can we get more geo data to monetize?”
“ - Dell Engineer: We can put tile tracking in accessories, like pens…”
“ - Dell Exec: Yes. YES!!”
“ - Dell Marketing Mgr: Dude, how many pens do we really sell?”
“ - Dell Engineer: Forget it, he’s rolling.”
“ - Dell Exec: Make it so! MUWAHAHAHA!”

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See I’m the opposite as I’m CONSTANTLY mislaying my pen for my Pro 8, so much so that’s its become a running joke with my customers eg. they greet me with a " hey, , great to see you again, have you come to retrieve your pen?" :grinning:

And having recently switched to the Samsung S22 Ultra, the feature that makes your phone buzz if you leave the pen behind is great.

As to the broader issues of tracking, my feelings on that continue to evolve. Yes it’s yet another potential tracking mechanism , but give the absolutely pervasiveness in every piece of tech I use regularly, it just seems to be just another minor aspect of that.

Yes it is an invasion of privacy, but given that the whole tech market incentivizes that as a revenue source, until that changes, the best I can do right now is sigh and shrug my shoulders.

OTOH I do believe a reckoning is coming for this, I just can’t easily see what will bring it.

But perhaps if I was in the CIA I might be more concerned :wink:

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The specs page for the pen (Dell Premier Rechargeable Active Pen – PN7522W), mentions support for a third “WGP” protocol:

Works seamlessly with most Dell 2-in-1s thanks to AES 1.0, 2.0 and WGP protocol

I haven’t been able to find much info on it, other than it is by Wacom and includes a “LV1 certification”, which includes various pen tests, such as jitter, latency, and resolution: (bottom left)

Have you encountered anything from OEMs about WGP? Does it offer anything above AES 2.0??

@Marty we’ve heard about it in passing but that’s been about it so far as several of the OEMS we work with are at least considering supporting it though with no information as to what that actually entails

From my understanding, the biggest potential benefit is that it should remove the current interdependence with all current pen tech and the display refresh rate.

We also know that TCL the Chinese electronics conglomerate is one of the big backers of the tech.

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Paywalls. I am afraid that all vendors/content creators are going to follow the big content companies and slap a paywall between you and what you use/want because right now it is a constant battle of wack-a-mole between users and advertisers which vendors/content creators feel they can’t make a fair (unfair?) living.

Might I suggest one of these? I always have my pen close at hand. It is not that much added weight to the Go2 and looks very professional when transporting the tablet. The case is made by Maroo.


I like the look of that, but it doesn’t help with my issue of leaving the pen behind, even the silo in the Ultra 22 hasn’t really helped me in and of itself.

I’m probably ADHD :grinning:, but the core issue is that I’ll be using the pen and something distracts me or requires my attention and I get up and move toward it and leave the pen on the table.

I AM ADHD, but I have found the SP8 Type Cover has really made that a thing of the past. Likewise, never lost a siloed pen in my various Note attempts, but constantly left/lost the previous Surface pens either at the office, client location, or home whenever I moved around, much less digging for them in the bottom of my briefcase…

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Well that would certainly be a deal breaker. I can’t remember the name of it now, but there was a daily planner app that I used and they midway through put a monthly subscription fee to access the majority of useful features. The fact that I can’t remember the name means it probably doesn’t exist anymore.

In other words the market spoke with it’s feet.

Sadly, I don’t see anything yet that would cause a similar thing.

Our legal council is watching unfolding potential data sharing legislation in New Zealand and Australia that would require that any company that monetizes the data they collect on you, that they have to actually share that income with the users.

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It’s… not going to stop you forgetting your pen though.

Just like no tracking feature is going to stop me leaving stuff on car roofs.


That is why God provided you with two set of ears, one to listen with, the other to hold a stylus.


Use a dab of Goop to attach an old-fashioned lanyard!