Dedicated MS Teams device from Lenovo

So one of these landed on my desk just now. I get the teams part; some companies have gone all in with Teams, but this strikes me as a solution in search of a problem.

Even the photo shows a use which makes zero sense to me . But hey it’s relatively cheap I guess.

EDIT: One of my engineers just thought of one other virtue which is that you can avoid the bloat that is Teams on your main system.
ThinkSmart View for Microsoft Teams | Lenovo US

That’s brilliant!

So it is basically

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Wouldn’t a 10in Fire Tab do the same thing for less? Or am I missing something here?

If only they had some sort of new version of Teams which didn’t use Electron, but maybe based on WebView2. They could even call it ‘Teams’. I wonder if they’d ever develop something like that. :joy:

(For those who are unaware, that’s exactly what Microsoft did for Teams for personal use / W11 Chat, but they are remaining on Electron for Teams for work/school use.)