Connecting with Wi-Fi vs. LTE

So I’ve discovered a strange anomaly. I mainly connect here with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Lite (2018) through public Wi-Fi, but a few days ago I became a Rakuten Unlimited user. As much data as you like for about $40/month. Unusual for Japan. Hence I now also connect by tethering to my Oppo phone.

However, when I come here that way I am stuck in some kind of cache ■■■■. Despite reading the unread posts it doesn’t reset it on the server side (zero problems when doing it through Wi-Fi) so the next time I check in through LTE I get the same posts and they aren’t renewed until I connect with Wi-Fi.

It may be something related to Rakuten’s network, but it doesn’t happen on any other sites.

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I wonder if your device is using a more restrictive data use policy when on LTE. Does have Android have a bandwidth/data use setting depending on connection? I know windows does (“metered network” or something like that).

Usually the cure for getting cached data is doing a manual page refresh after the cached data is shown. Does that work?

I’ll give it a try next time. Maybe I should try “desktop site” as well?

Worth a shot, but I doubt it’s the cause of this issue.

Soo, did some testing. It may be the combination of browser and tethering that causes the problem. On two Samsung Android devices it is slow as molasses and on my iPad running Onion it also times out. Not in Safari though (which I’m using now).

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And this post is coming through a Wi-Fi on my Galaxy Tab 6 Lite, the connection is smooth as Irish butter.

@Hifihedgehog Any idea what could be going on here? Is this a device or Android issue, or something else?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Lite (2018)

  • good connection on all browsers using Wifi
  • bad connection on all non-Safari browsers when on (or “tethering via”?) LTE

Same here, both the Rakuten network and problem with the forum. However, mine only happens randomly like when I’m on the top floors of my hospital ward. I remember asking this question here sometime in November from the same hospital floor.
Rakuten network seems not to get along with this forum.

BTW, how come you pay upto ¥5000 per month? You can pay with your Rakuten points too?

5000? With the banking surcharge I think it comes out to 3 200 yen a month.
I don’t have a Rakuten card so I don’t get any points. The info they gain from those cards are worth WAAAYY more than the points the consumer receives.

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More testing done.
Chrome on my phone and Edge in Win 10 also times out.

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So one somewhat nebulous idea around this. I’m assuming that you have enabled notifications on the site where when you login you will get a notification about unread posts in topics you’ve commented on or are following?

I saw similar behavior last week twice. Once when using a T-mobile hotspot and second was on a customers network. In both cases it was due to some obscure block by the respective firewalls of T-mobile or the customers network.

The workaround I found was to clear my browser cache and NOT enable either automatic login or notifications.

It may not apply in your case, but that worked for me last week.

It is a mobile internet provider issue. I myself experience this as well whenever tethering from my Surface Pro 8 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The only way I have found around it is using PairVPN, which makes the Internet connection look like it is coming directly from my iPhone instead of a hotspotted device:


Fortunately I don’t have that login issue when using a hotspot from my iPhone because unfortunately unless the PairVPN app is open front and center with the screen on it deactivates. Background timeout. It has full permissions to keep it self going same as any other app that works fine in the background or with screen off. :man_shrugging:

That’s a known issue since iOS will not allow the server to run actively in the background. I believe the app’s server does not time out on jailbroken iPhones. The app has no issues on Android since the OS does not put such restrictions on background activity.

Yep, I figured it was an iOS issue. But knowing that doesn’t make it any more useful for me or those like me since there’s zero chance we’re going to jailbreak or switch to Android just to have it work. :man_shrugging:

Unfortunately I believe you’re rigt. DLed Edge for Android and that timed out as well.

It will work so long as you turn auto locking off and leave your screen on the app. I do that, dimming my screen to minimum brightness.