Color E ink alternative?

Looks like interesting tech but I think it’s too soon to call this E ink alternative.

A quick Google search hadn’t brought up anything relevant about this tech, no video, no details about color reproduction and lighting requirement. More importantly there wasn’t in depth explanation about how the image refresh works ( refresh rate and range ) to compare power consumption between this and E ink.

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We haven’t seen this tech yet ourselves and real technical data is scarce as well. It appears to be a type of hybrid between conventional LCD and e-ink.

That can be good, bad or neutral. However my experience so far is that attempts at hybrid display tech has inherited most of the downsides of each tech while having very little of the benefits. The one outstanding exception being Samsung’s QLED tech which borrows a couple of ideas from OLED to improve color gamut in LCD

Definitely something to watch though


And somewhat related, I think we are likely to see a “new generation” of trans-reflective LCDS late this year.

They have the advantage of course of being readable even in bright sunlight (arguably that’s their optimum)

What’s going to be different this time out is better smarter front lighting for them. In other words sort of like Apple’s “True Tone” tech but applied more broadly. And there is a rumor that Amazon next generation Kindle Oasis will be among the first to use it.


I was interested to see this color reflective LCD featured on My Deep Guide:

Not that I have a use for a $1550 32” monitor. Future applications for the tech might be nice, however.


Yes I’ve been hoping to see one of these, but haven’t had the opportunity to date. I’m not 100% certain of all the tech behind it, but it looks to be early at the least, if it uses any of the tech I mentioned.

And they are a tiny company, though one run by engineers :slight_smile:


Seems that Voya (or how it is spelled) is stationed in Denmark, however his accent is not Danish. More like from Poland, maybe the Balkans.

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The full name is VOJISLAV DIMITRIJEVIC and if the “j” is pronounce like an English “y”then I’d write it as “Voja”. Otherwise as you wrote it. I’ve seen it spelled both ways in his comments and never seen him correct anyone. (Not that I’ve read even 2% of the comments.)


Mystery solved!

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