CNET Using AI to Write Its Articles

Since last November, apparently. Not all of course but the 72 unattributed pieces so far have been doing well in drawing reads. Expect more of this.

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Great, just great…artificial art now artificial journalism…how about artificial government while we’re at it - can’t be much worse than what the world is suffering now…

oops…what was I thinking…


Hopefully this will wake the general populace up in terms of AI comin for our jerbs.

From a disgruntled artist

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It won’t.

Boy this is starting to look really bad for CNET.

This Verge article is brutal.

CNET pushed reporters to be more favorable to advertisers, staffers say - The Verge

By all rights CNET should be toast, but I wonder how many other outlets and bloggers are out there looking over their own shoulders on this front? That is a brutal article:

" CNET, along with other Red Ventures-owned publications, is loading up on cheap SEO-driven articles to game Google’s search algorithm and fill search results with content designed to deliver affiliate links to readers. As a result, CNET ’s independent journalism and the people who produce it — the thing that once made CNET valuable and rank highly in search to begin with — feel that they are being pushed out in favor of whatever and whomever else makes Red Ventures the most money, according to multiple former employees."

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Look at what a simple prompt can write:

Sports Illustrated is apparently doing it as well.

Sports Illustrated’s publisher is using AI to generate fitness advice - The Verge