Clean W11 install vs recovery install?

Getting my SP7+ tomorrow & first thing I am doing is swapping in the larger SSD I also bought. What’s the downside of doing a clean W11 install vs a clean recovery install on a Surface? Thank you.

I’d do the recovery simply for the reason of all the Surface specific drivers for pixelsense etc. We’ve seen issue with customers that have just installed a vanilla Windows 11 build and had driver conflicts and inability to install needed firmware updates.

It’s possible to push through them, but recovery seems to be a lot less hassle.

The only real downside is that if you are looking for the absolute minimal Windows install you won’t get that as the recovery has Office, Spotify and games etc. that MS loads on all of their surfaces. Still far better than any of the OEMs, but still not “pure windows”

I went recovery route, did all the firmware & software updates, including getting on the insider beta channel. Then from there I did a rest via the cloud(read it can fix any issues that may have popped up via usb recovery method) & logged into my proper account. Bloat on the 7+ is different from the 5, which was mostly games that aren’t there anymore. So far everything is running nicely with the upgrade SSD.

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