Can't access this new forum

Hi, this is previous member on the old forum. Claire P****, username
Rathacat, newbie to old forum. Can you send me the email I need to
access this new forum? I’m the one who keeps writing about old Gateway
M295 tablet laptops, and looking for a working digital pen for my
Panasonic CF-19RDR double-touch. I learned a lot from the folks in the
previous forum and I don’t want to lose contact.



@Hifihedgehog or @JoeS should be able to verify your account, although all emails should be getting through now.

Hi Clare, glad to see you made it here! I have activated your account so you should be good to go now. …or maybe not. I’m confused as to the “Staged User” status and don’t want to mess things up by experimenting. @JoeS or @Hifihedgehog might want to step in here.

Might be that the “staged user” refers to the fact that her post in this support thread came in via email. Now that her account is activated, she should be able to post anywhere that other users can.

@JoeS - hopefully. I did a Discourse search and saw the email aspect, but it wasn’t clear if activating would convert it to a normal account or if other action was required.

One other closing thought: we might want to check with her to see if she wants her username changed and make the changes especially as it right now is her actual name. The username she has currently came from the name associated with her email address as it was parsed from the from field in the inbound email.

I sent her an email to ask what she wants (old nickname or full name), not sure if she visits this thread regularly.

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I have inquired further about this at Discourse’s support channel.

In the meantime, in the backend, I was manually able to convert her account from staged to non-staged.

Also, I sent her a bunch of activation emails since as a previously staged user, she has no password and therefore will need to set one. As thoughtful as it would be, us activating her account for her will only make matters worse since she won’t have a password to begin with.


Thank you to all those here who helped me get access here! Really appreciate it