Cancelling subscriptions-Sirius XM

So I suspect like many here, I have multiple streaming services of which get varying use.

One of which is Sirius Satellite radio. I used it a lot when I first got my current vehicle, but now, not so much.

Plus since my apple music subscription now has curated music stations, I use it even less.

So trying to cancel it is like traveling back 80s and a Columbia House record subscription in that trying to cancel is way more difficult than it should be :rage:

I guess they still haven’t gotten the message that making it that difficult is a sure way to ensure that customers won’t ever want to return.

BTW: Columbia house was notorious for a lot of shady business practices back in the day including putting black marks on your credit report. Something my brother didn’t discover until years later when he went to buy his first house.

OTOH NetFlix and MS seem to mostly make it simple, though I’ve heard that they occasionally will bill for an additional month before it goes in to effect.


A-men! My local paper had a good deal once, but after the ordeal of canceling the dang subscription, I’ve never again taken them up on another one in already five years.

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