Bot Test

Summon the @bot in any thread by following this basic pattern

@bot eightball YOUR QUESTION

So you mention bot (using the @ sign plus the word “bot,” so @bot), you type the command word for word, and then you add any additional word(s) that makes sense for that command.

Feel free to practice here.

@bot help

bot adapter - Reply with the adapter
bot animate me - The same thing as image me, except adds a few parameters to try to return an animated GIF instead.
bot ascii me - Show text in ascii art
bot bigram me - Grabs the most frequently used bigram phrases containing this word
bot chuck norris – random Chuck Norris awesomeness
bot chuck norris me – let’s see how would do as Chuck Norris
bot define me - Grabs a dictionary definition of a word.
bot echo - Reply back with
bot eightball - Ask the magic eight ball a question
bot help - Displays all of the help commands that this bot knows about.
bot help - Displays all help commands that match .
bot image me - The Original. Queries Google Images for and returns a random top result.
bot map me - Returns a map view of the area returned by query.
bot mustache me <url|query> - Adds a mustache to the specified URL or query result.
bot ping - Reply with pong
bot pronounce me - Links to a pronunciation of a word.
bot pug bomb N - get N pugs
bot pug me - Receive a pug
bot spell me - Suggests correct spellings of a possible word.
bot the rules - Make sure hubot still knows the rules.
bot time - Reply with current time
bot word of the day (me) (short) - Returns the word of the day.
bot wotd (me) (short) - Returns the word of the day.
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel

@bot define tablet

Definitions for “tablet”:

  • A slab or plaque, as of stone or ivory, with a surface that is intended for or bears an inscription.
  • undefined
  • A thin sheet or leaf, used as a writing surface.
  • A set of such leaves fastened together, as in a book.
  • A pad of writing paper glued together along one edge.
  • A lightweight, portable computer having a touchscreen as the method by which data is input.
  • A small flat pellet of medication to be taken orally.
  • A small flat cake of a prepared substance, such as soap.
    (transitive verb)
  • To inscribe on a tablet.
  • To form into a tablet.
  • To form into a tablet, or make tablets, in some technical sense.
  • A small flat slab or piece, especially one intended to receive an inscription.
  • A panel or medallion built in or hung on a wall, usually as a memorial or a votive tablet.
  • One of a set of laminæ, leaves, or sheets of some thin inflexible material for writing; in the plural, the set as a whole.
  • A small flat or flattish cake of some solidified substance: as, a tablet of chocolate or of bouillon. Sometimes written tablette.
  • In medicine, a certain weight or measure of a solid drug, brought by pressure, or the addition of a little gum, into a shape (generally that of a disk) convenient for administration: as, charcoal tablets; compressed tablets of chlorate of potassa.
  • The final member in a wall, consisting of slabs of cut stone projecting slightly beyond the face of the wall for its protection or shelter; a horizontal capping or coping, as the border course of a reservoir.
  • In anatomy and zoology, a table or tabula: as, the inner and outer tablets of a cranial bone. See tablature, 5, and table, n., 1 . [For the word tablets, occurring thrice in the authorized version of the Bible, the revised version substitutes armlets in Ex. xxxv. 22 and Num. xxxi. 50, with the alternative “or necklaces” in the latter, and both perfume boxes and amulets in Isa. iii. 20.]
  • A small table or flat surface.
  • A flat piece of any material on which to write, paint, draw, or engrave; also, such a piece containing an inscription or a picture.
  • Hence, a small picture; a miniature.
  • A kind of pocket memorandum book.
  • A flattish cake or piece.
  • A solid kind of electuary or confection, commonly made of dry ingredients with sugar, and usually formed into little flat squares; – called also lozenge, and troche, especially when of a round or rounded form.
  • A slab of rock used for inscription.
  • A short scripture written by the founders of the Bahá’í faith.
  • A pill; a small, easily swallowed portion of a substance.
  • A graphics tablet
  • A tablet computer, a type of portable computer
  • A confection made from sugar, condensed milk and butter.
  • a slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription
  • a small flat compressed cake of some substance
  • a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge
  • a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet

@bot define serrendipitous

Definitions for “serendipitous”:

  • By serendipity; by unexpected good fortune.
  • Good, beneficial, favorable, etc…
  • lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

@bot define tardy

Definitions for “tardy”:

  • Occurring, arriving, acting, or done after the scheduled, expected, or usual time; late.
  • Moving or progressing slowly; sluggish.
  • To delay; retard; hinder.
  • Moving with a slow pace or motion; slow; sluggish.
  • Late; dilatory; behindhand.
  • Characterized by or proceeding from reluctance; unwilling to move or act; hanging back.
  • Synonyms Dilatory, etc. (see slow), slack, procrastinating.
    (transitive verb)
  • To make tardy.
  • Moving with a slow pace or motion; slow; not swift.
  • Not being inseason; late; dilatory; – opposed to prompt.
  • Unwary; unready.
  • Criminal; guilty.
  • Late; overdue or delayed.
  • ineffectual; slow witted, slow to act, or dullard
  • A piece of paper given to students who are late to class.
  • To make tardy.
  • after the expected or usual time; delayed