Blackberry the movie

As I have mentioned here before, I was a hardcore blackberry user before the rise of the iPhone.

Additionally I worked with several blackberry engineers including one who was actually a consultant on this film and thus got to attend an early preview of it.

IMHO it might be the best “tech” movie yet and has almost nil “hollywoodization” of the actual tech involved.

The story is also virtually a textbook example of what Clay Christianson wrote a great book about called “The Innovators Dilemma” where a company originally has a hugely successful innovation but goes on to be left behind in the next technological wave as they stop innovation and instead attempt to protect their original tech.

And yes since I worked with him a couple of times when Blackberry was ascendant, Balsillie really is that big of a jerk.

Highly recommended

‘BlackBerry’ review: The comedy and tragedy of the innovator’s dilemma | Engadget


Putting this one on the must watch list - every lawyer (except me back then - I was soooooo jealous) had a “Blueberry” that they were just as attached to as modern youths are to their iPhones…



Had a BB for almost a decade. It ended my flirtation with Pocket PCs.

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I knew a guy who worked at RIM as tech support. He was making something like $50 an hour, and he loved the working conditions and had a lot of power, did a great job. It was sad to see RIM die so fast.

I’ll be checking out that film. Love the nerdy stuff!

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