Bing and ChatGPT integration

A thread for discussion the integration of ChatGPT into the Bing search experience. The initial posts are from our original Google Bard announcement thread.

And of course, MS can’t be left out…

Though they are essentially productizing ChatGPT. Round one to ChatGPT !

Microsoft announces surprise event for Tuesday with Bing ChatGPT expected - The Verge


“The invite says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will “share some progress on a few exciting projects,” so expect a number of important announcements.”

Nahhhhhhhh - he’s announcing @Bronsky’s Surface Go 4 and my Surface Pro Neo! :rofl:

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God forbid we should get upgraded and evolved equipment instead of this Chat GPT nonsense.


OMG - MS is going full on Apple - from engadget:

“Nadella is talking about being excited about the next platforms and how it excites him, and is addressing “enormous challenges out there.” He’s reminding us of the founding of Microsoft in 1975 and magazine covers back then, likening it to similar developments today.”

And of course, this is so groundbreaking and fundamental it warranted a pop up presser instead of a full on presentation with hype and build up. Guess Google scared them…

UPDATE - it is clearly too profound and too groundbreaking for my feeble mental faculties - I’m shutting it down…that was a bit harsh and judgmental, but i feel like I’m watching a live blog of a Meta demonstration…

:vb-lol: :vb-lol: :vb-lol:

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Though they are essentially productizing ChatGPT.

…and shoving more garbage into Edge.


This article about the engine behind ChatGPT, will be disturbing at least to some people.
Although once again ARS is making some fairly provocative assertions and claims about the engine without solid information in many cases to support them.

Worth reading regardless but should also be read with some skepticism. As always, it’s important to keep in mind that EVERYONE now days has an agenda stated plainly or not.

ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare, and we ought to be concerned | Ars Technica

Agreed. Some of the arguments are a bit strained, at least the way they present them:

" If you’ve ever written a blog post or product review, or commented on an article online, there’s a good chance this information was consumed by ChatGPT.

## So why is that an issue?

The data collection used to train ChatGPT is problematic for several reasons.

First, none of us were asked whether OpenAI could use our data. This is a clear violation of privacy, especially when data is sensitive and can be used to identify us, our family members, or our location.

Even when data is publicly available, its use can breach what we call contextual integrity. This is a fundamental principle in legal discussions of privacy. It requires that individuals’ information is not revealed outside of the context in which it was originally produced."

How do you have any expectation of privacy in the examples in the first sentence? Stretching it to say you have a “contextual integrity” right is too far of a reach. if you put the information/opinion out there, even traditional bots would have scrubbed it. You are left with a dud of an argument that “Well, ChapGPT is just too much better, not fair.”

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Note that this is licenced content from The Conversation, so not up to the usual standards of Ars. They sometimes also post stories from Wired, which are usually a big step down in quality and depth.

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Thanks I missed that when I first read it. OTOH they are posting it on their own site, prominently, and therefore I don’t give them a pass on being at least minimally responsible for things like fact checking or supporting their assertions. My two cents anyway

I recommend this interview to all, but especially from the 8:00 mark to 12:00 and tell me you don’t hear Herman’s Hermits:

“What a wonderful world this will be!”

All we are doing is helping publishers get their content disseminated, publishers get more money, advertisers get more money and users get better searches.

On a second note, in response to the tough question about plagiarism, Nadella’s answer is chilling:

“Let’s give ourselves a little permission to think about what is original content…” to him AI is basically just another tool like grammar checking in Word - unbelievable…


Specific to ChatGPT, but also more generally to true AI, which IMHO we are getting quite close to, this fascinates and amazes me and also like the author, disturbs me a bit.

I also mentioned in another post that one of our customers is experimenting with Chat GPT to clear their level 1 support tickets. And not to be Pollyanna-ish, but jobs like that or what the author did are often the entry level jobs to many tech companies.

I asked ChatGPT to write a WordPress plugin I needed. It did, in less than 5 minutes | ZDNET


It’s not - I’ll bounce off into hyperbole - why even learn to read or write - just speak to the great Chap in the sky and let it impart all knowledge to you in the Utopian future. Eerily reminds me of the thoughtless peace and tranquility of the Eloi…

Wow, I stepped into it this Time, didn’t I…


I’ve read a lot of Gewirtz’s articles over the years, so I take his conclusion seriusly:

" So, yes, I’m a bit freaked by how good the plugin was that I “made” for my wife. But the AI has a long way to go before it’s taking work from experienced developers and writers – as long as clients want the kind of work experienced developers and writers produce. And that, my friends, is something I do worry about." (emphasis is his from original article)

Somehow I don’t see this going well…

Microsoft deploys AI in the classroom to improve public speaking and math | Engadget

Language nuances - wait till they cross up huevos and heuvas…in many dialects (as in Guatemala) they sound remarkably similar…

Have you guys seen this one yet - an early user claims to have blown out ChapGPTs brain:

Believe it or not there are even worse replies at WindowsCentral

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You can make it say pretty anything with some persistence and luck.

The ‘DAN’ technique will get it to answer almost anything, though you might have to use another name.

Anyone try the Dave technique yet…
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