Bigme and Good e-Reader InkNote Color

It looks like an existing Bigme model, but sounds too good to true and Good e-Reader don’t have the cleanest record.

Kovlowski’s… unique… writing doesn’t help, and that he’s said they don’t have review unit yet for a crowdfunding campaign that starts in a few days.

Been burned a few times on crowd-funding adventures…interesting but don’t want to give out my credit card like this…

They lost me at “Good Ereader” > To say that the main guy at Good Ereader is problematic is an understatement IMHO


Would be great at that price. If only.

I was being kind. I don’t think I could add any more warning flags to this without being obvious.


Lengthy Gizmodo article on the InkNote Color. Looks pretty good, I especially like the customizable side buttons on the Wacom stylus.

I bailed in the end as they didn’t address stylus responsiveness in apps like OneNote (that only really Onyx (Boox) seem to have a solution for), and the shipping fees they were quoting people were silly.

I also concluded that I didn’t really need it. Hopefully it’ll get Onyx to bring back a microSD card slot to their devices though.


Really tempted. I have a Kobo Elipsa that I use almost exclusively for document markup, but monochrome is more and more becoming a limitation for me


It seems like a nice device, but this picture gives me pause:

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Agreed, though possibly it’s that the photo itself is partly at issue too, specifically because of the anti-glare layer of the display which is for all intents and purposes a polarizing layer.
In other words, it likely looks better in real life.

You can see what I’m taking about with the most recent Kindle in articles on the web, if they use their own pictures instead of the Amazon supplied shots


That’s a known issue with colour E Ink and not unique to Bigme. Onyx and Pocketbook also have this issue, as they use the same E Ink displays.

I can’t speak as to how noticeable it is on its own and not in comparison to a B&W E Ink display.

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You were so dismissive of this earlier though! :upside_down_face:

True I still have issues with the source sponsor, but the hardware for the price is appealing.

If it was from Kobo, I’d likely be ordering one

I see something looks suspiciously like a power button here. Was it EMR?

It’s EMR.

The buttons are for the Bluetooth functionality. As there’s no silo, it uses a battery instead of a supercapacitor like Samsung does in its Note/Ultra line.

I think this means it’s AES, not EMR, right? EMR is the one that doesn’t require any power of its own, AES requires batteries or supercapacitor.

I think @Tams means that it uses BT for other functionalities than inking. The ink function is still EMR.


Again, no.

It’s EMR. End of.

There are Bluetooth features like some S Pens have. Samsung uses supercapacitors in their stylii with such functionality. Bigme use a battery.

AES/MPP do not use Bluetooth for the main stylus functionality either, though MPP does have the Bluetooth button on some pens.

You seem really convinced, and you’re probably right, but it’s not like they make it obvious. The link in the OP doesn’t say Wacom. The myshopify link from that article doesn’t say Wacom. The Kickstarter page doesn’t say Wacom. In the end I had to watch the video for any hint. “It is powered, but you do not need to power it in order to use it”. That does sound like Wacom EMR, no idea why they make it so hard to confirm.

What has you so convinced? Did I overlook some obvious specs page? Edit: yes I did. They do not say “Wacom” anywhere in plain text, but they have it in an image. End of.

Well, you answered your own question right there.