Base Level New M2 based Macbook Pro outperforms Intel Mac Pro Desktop

This is why I HATE benchmarks. Strictly speaking, what the article says is true. But the point is that there are virtually no real world scenarios where a typical MB Pro and a typical Mac Pro are going to be subjected to the same workloads/workflows.

Not to mention that nearly 100% of the MacPros in our customer base also have specialized PCI cards and drive arrays etc. connected to them, that simply wouldn’t be practical.

OTOH it is truly impressive that a chip with less than 1/5 of the power consumption can beat or compete with a Xeon on anything.

13-Inch MacBook Pro With M2 Chip Outperforms Base Model Mac Pro Despite Costing Nearly $5,000 Less - MacRumors

TLDR; The future is ARMed


The better articles (okay, I saw ONE) are mentioning all the things that a Mac Pro can do that a MacBook M2 pro can only dream of doing, such as specialize expansion plug-ins and graphic cards. Not to mention incredible gobs of RAM and storage. But as you say, the performance per watt is incredible. And possibly even more incredible is that it’s Apple and the performance per dollar is unbeatable, at least for the base models (Apple’s RAM and storage increase prices are as outrageous as ever).


Ars is positive about the M2 Macbook Pro:

Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro is a little tough to recommend given the options in Apple’s lineup, but that doesn’t change the key takeaway: The new second-generation M2 chip doesn’t disappoint.


What I notice a MacRumors forums, et al, is an abundance of whining that boils down to “too many good choices now!” Should one buy now or wait? Etc. :roll_eyes:

Yeah and they undersell both the even better battery life (about 20% in our tests) as well as it just doesn’t get more than the slightest bit warm regardless of how hard you push it.


I guess it would how highly you value max portability… Rumor is that a replacement for the 12 inch Macbook is in the offing, should be well under 3 lbs according to the rumors


PS: one possible downside it that the alleged MacBook might see the return on yet another iteration of the butterfly keyboard as whatever else you may think of them, they are thinner and lighter than what apple is using in the current models

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