Audio Deepfakes

Folks, it just keeps getting more and more frightening what we are in for thanks to AI and criminal intent:

David Sparks is a reformed (retired?) lawyer who has a pretty good history in the Apple community, and the John Gruber cite in his article will raise the hair on the back of your necks. The implications for privacy, security, and personal safety are alarming. I’m no fan of Gruber, but he struck a frayed nerve with his article.

I know a lot of determined jackasses. Hmmmm.

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Expect video will be there too if it isn’t already. Gone are the days when you could trust a video of a politician entering a house of ill repute and judge their reputation thereby. Insert any other activity you can think of. Record yourself putting graffiti on a national monument and have the AI replace you with whoever you want. Etc. and unlike photoshopping, the AI will make it pixel perfect so nobody can tell real from unreal.


This should provide great cover for nefarious deeds. All you have to do is say it’s a fake.


Go to bring new meaning to

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