Asus Vivobook 13 slate OLED

I hadn’t looked at this one closely. Looks interesting as a budget OLED tablet: Windows 11 Surface-like form factor, 13” 16:9 1080p OLED screen, and an x86 CPU (not ARM). The lower end models are super affordable: curently $351 on Amazon with keyboard and stylus. :open_mouth: I see the higher end model (8GB/256GB SSD) for $770 on Amazon.


  • the CPU is an N6000 Pentium Silver, which is just marginally faster than the SD850 ARM chip in the anemic Galaxy Book2, one of the few other OLED Windows slates.
  • the lower end models come with 4GB/128GB, and eMMC storage
  • Screen resolution is only 1080p, quite low for a 13” screen.
  • Kind of heavy: 1.73lbs without the keyboard included

The higher end SKUs still have that slow CPU, but at least they have 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.

Tech specs here.

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I find it an interesting tablet as well, the cpu is ok now and the port selection is great for a tablet. The main problem I have with it are the 16:9 screen in combination with the weak igpu. So not ideal for both productivity and (casual) gaming, only for watching videos and some work. 16:10 screen would be more logically I think and/or a higher spec model with Ryzen for RDNA 2 (or even something like Intel i5 with Iris Xe would be interesting).
As a secondary screen it might be okay as well since you can let it stand in portrait mode.
I have seen some great bargains in europe for this tablet as well, good purchase for students.

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So I certainly think it’s an exceptional value generally speaking for the right customer, but the display is at best, acceptable overall, but has terrible color accuracy and linearity so it would not be suitable at all for anything but the most casual image or video editing.

And while it has the “inky blacks” that people love in OLED, even casual users notice that Netflix looks a bit too orange.

Just saying…


“Complimentary 1-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with the purchase.”

They seem to be trying to attract wannabe creatives. But with…

“ * 4GB LPDDR4X on board RAM and 128G eMMC storage” :vb-lol:

Seems it could be OK for non-critical-eyes content consumption and casual sketching and such if the pen isn’t awful.

Wow, it’s enough that a casual user might notice? Even so, the current Amazon price of $351 for the low end model with pen and keyboard almost makes me want to get one despite the bad resolution, bad color accuracy, low storage, and puny memory.


ouch, what do you think is the right customer for this?

some one looking for an exceptional overall value overall and wants an OLED display just for general use but isn’t going to use it for critical color use.

It also has decent battery life despite the OLED

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I forgot about that one, that is a good point and makes it also even more appealing to eg students (especially with the discounts).

Yeah but is it wacom?

The 8GB/256GB SSD version is currently 27% off on amazon, for $550.