ARM is suing Qualcomm

This shouldn’t surprise anyone that has been paying attention to the ARM market.

There is likely a lot of behind-the-scenes sub context to this and the article mentions the Nuvia Chips as one factor. Interestingly our analyst consultant on chips told our CEO essentially the same thing… “this is going to spawn a flurry of lawsuits”

You have to think Apple is at least partly responsible for this as while they may or may not be the largest ARM licensee, they are arguably the most prominent.

Just to add my own two cents, it seems to be the tech norm now for the first reaction to genuine innovation is not to accelerate their own efforts, but to file a lawsuit.

And I’m pretty sure all of the big guys will likely get dragged into this as there many ARM licensees even if they don’t directly market products based on them.

Arm Sues Qualcomm for Trademark Infringement, Breach of License | PCMag

“Verily I say unto thee: Blessed is he who sues my client.”

  • I Litigious, Art. 1, Sec. 2:68.

Another woe for WOA?

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Maybe this case could help M$ gain flexibility (or freedom) from its WOA “exclusivity” pact with Qualcomm.

“The enemy of my enemy …”

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Good point. MediaTek, would certainly be happy about that as they have been pitching their chips to the big PC oems for awhile now.

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So this is a new take on this. I had not considered that it could hurt or even end WOA.

Arm-Qualcomm suit threatens Windows-on-Arm’s future | PCWorld

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Wow - if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…

"Qualcomm, naturally, denies Arm’s claims. “Arm’s lawsuit marks an unfortunate departure from its longstanding, successful relationship with Qualcomm,” according to Ann Chaplin, general counsel for Qualcomm, in a statement. “Arm has no right, contractual or otherwise, to attempt to interfere with Qualcomm’s or Nuvia’s innovations. Arm’s complaint ignores the fact that Qualcomm has broad, well-established license rights covering its custom-designed CPUs, and we are confident those rights will be affirmed.”

How many chip makers over the years have suffered from Qualcomm’s licensing suits and recognized outrageous licensing fees for what should have been nearly essential patents - not so much fun when you’re on the receiving end…

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Yeah the part of me that believes “Karma is a B#$CH” is enjoying this, but practically speaking the most common output of stuff like this is it either delays innovation or even kills it outright.

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I agree with you on both points (despite my Karma glee in my original post). Most likely ARM approached QC about more “licensing fees” after the Nuvia deal, and QC told them to go have carnal knowledge with themselves - all meaning a settlement is likely and it will not crush innovation - just means QC will get squeezed a bit (a little of their own medicine in effect).