Apple Reality Pro Headset

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Expected to be introduced at WWDC on June 5, 2023, Apple’s first VR, AR, MR headset is likely to be an expensive ($3000+) developer kit, much like the Apple Silicon Mac mini nearly three years ago. Word is that it’ll be called the Apple Reality Pro Headset. It seems it will be running RealityOS.

Cue the inevitable heckling from the peanut gallery about reality distortion.

Ahem. Anyway, MacWorld has an overview of what it’s all about, what we can expect:

Dave2D has a thoughtful video about it:

After watching, I thought to myself that maybe Stage Manager is how it is because it will work quite well in an AR environment. The folks at Apple have been planning this for many years, after all.

Regardless, it should be interesting to at last see Apple’s take on VR/AR/MR/whathaveyou and this is a topic for discussing it.

First contribution to the possibilities list:

  • It’ll have cameras, so we’ll be able to go back to pen and paper. The headset will record and do OCR quietly in the background, adding to whatever app/notebook is active or designated for the purpose.

  • Ditto with art, physical canvases and sketchpads and paints and brushes coming back into fashion. Or more likely project virtual imagery on the canvas as you virtually paint using virtual brush, adding it all to virtual Photoshop for further manipulation. Many possibilities.

It could happen.

What’s most intriguing for me is that they are making an OS specific to it, RealityOS.

That should mean a truly optimized OS experience in theory anyway and also maybe why Apple is relatively late to do this