Anyone know if TapaTalk (android) works here?

It’s been awhile since I’ve used it, but might be a good reason to start again as my notification for new posts seems to be dependent on checking my email account.

No TapaTalk since we are on Discourse (forum software created by a team led by Jeff Atwood/@codinghorror), but here are apps for it on iOS and Android:

Discourse Hub on the App Store (

Fig for Discourse on the App Store (

DiscourseHub - Apps on Google Play


Thanks for the links! Fig on iOS isn’t bad, though it has fewer features than the browser site. Might be useful to quickly check for new posts but I think I’ll stick with the web.


Downloaded the Android app but search of this site doesn’t yield any results.
Found it, but it basically opens up the web version.

It’s weird. the IOS app does seem to work ,albeit it’s a bit clunky, but the android version just shows either blank forum or pops you to the browser (which BTW kind of sucks on a phone for this forum with everything being really tiny)


Yeah, the official Discourse apps seem to be low rated because from what I can tell, they have been abandoned. I think they departed from those and are now solely taking the Progressive Web App approach.

So I do have web push notifications all set up and the situation is this: Windows and Android support them but not Apple. You can get some context about the situation here: