Anyione have an HPSpectre X360 14 OLED they'd like to sell?

My daughter’s wheelchair mounted switch and gaze operated computer was lost on a Delta airlines flight and I have to replace it. I was not entirely happy with the X360, but having solved several of its problems I’d rather not have to solve the different problems that there will be with a different PC. If you have one of these that you’d be willing to sell for a reasonable price, do let me know (by PM or email to robbinsleonar*d snail Thanks, Lenny Robbins


Lenny - sorry to here about the loss of your daughters computer (airlines no longer suck often, it is most of the time anymore). Hope someone among the tribe has a spare.

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Thanks. This was a trip to ■■■■ and back - lost reservations, wheelchair damaged, computer lost and more and more. Paid for 1st class because that’s the only way Rachi can relax on a long trip, but service was sub RyanAir. I’ve filed 14 complaints with Delta and with the FAA and copied them through a friend to management, but I don’t expect anything except some “soothing” words.

There’s a pretty good sale on the x360 at HP - $1099 (i7/16gb/512gb):

16" is too big for the wheelchair, but I have seen that there are quite a few HP-refurbished 14 now showing up.


Also new on sale for the next 9 hours:

$799, which is $450 off.


That’s a good price and i5 would be plenty for Rachi’s use, but I do wonder how the screen compares to the superb OLED she had. What link do you use to spot these popup sales?

I just went to the HP site and clicked on their Memorial Day sale banner.

They had the OLED customization but unfortunately it required some other upgrades as well and ended up about $1250. Which was still $450 off, but…

There’s always Ebay. Here’s an “excellent” refurbished 14 with i7, 16GM/1TB OLED for $1000:

Yes, I did see that HP U.S. has the OLED version, though the price I see is even a bit higher and is i7 $1,319 (definitely overkill).

HP Italy, however, has only one version of the X360 14 available and it’s OLED, i7 and 2 TB, 3 yr guarantee (you might have to scroll down into a second page to find the x360). The price here (with standard 22% value added tax) is E1,700 For disability use the VAT tax is 4%, so the price drops to E1,449. Surprisingly, retail dealers (e.g. Amazon) have more basic models, BUT priced higher than wants for the top of the line one. Buying from the U.S. would mean adding international shipping and Value Added Tax (should be 4 , but customs always charges 22%!) so it actually comes to more than the Italian price

Decisions, decisions.

The Memorial Day sale is over. When I quoted it in my post yesterday I mentioned it only had nine hours to go at that price.

Yesterday I decided to spend more money and less time on this and I’ve ordered an i7 OLED from HP-Italia. To my surprise the Italian price, after taking account of shipping and customs fees, was actually less than the U.S. price for the OLED model - the only one available here from HP and places like Amazon IT that have the IPS models actually want more for them than HP-IT wants for the one I ordered. Now comes the hands-on busy part - making a new wheelchair mount and getting Rachi’s software installed and tested.


What a dad!