Another try at an updatable key display keyboard --- Flux

Page on it here:

Anyone see any news coverage or early access?

I’m faintly surprised that the Lenovo Yogabook 9i keyboard wasn’t so implemented — it would be a way cool option.


Interesting. It uses Hall Effect sensors. I wonder how that would work with a touchscreen underneath. Would you have to turn off the Hall Effect sensors when the keyboard was not attached to use dual touch screen? This particular implementation, while pretty, I think would be more distracting than beneficial. But I see the potential in a dual screen device if that’s physically possible with the Hall Effect keys.

Pure, delicious bling.

However, I’ll admire from afar and stick with my old Cherry compact USB clacky keyboard(s). That’s just because I’m comfortably stubborn in my ways.

But a keyboard where you can program the placement and content of the keys on a whim was THE hot device idea many moons ago. I think, however, the immediacy of the invention has been superseded by the average non-techie woman with a phone.

My girlfriend is unreal at using the bottom third of her phone, thumbs-only touch ‘keyboards’. Everyday use of a suddenly ubiquitously required skill makes for master-level talent in humans. (She owns a desktop computer, and I’ve only seen her turn it on once in the last several months.)