Amazon is buying iRobot of Roomba fame

Surprising acquisition:

Soon we’ll able to affirm traditional gender roles by yelling “Alexa! Vacuum the bedroom!

Me thinks it has more to do with adapting the technology for delivery drones.


And don’t tell Amazon how many rooms I have; old vs new furniture; how messy it is…

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Also don’t send Jeff any scans of documents that you may find lying on the floor. :slight_smile:

■■■■! I was going to buy a Roomba.

Wait! You censored ■■■■?

I think we’re largely on the default swear word filter settings. Maybe we can hold a poll for words that we want censored? Sh!t isn’t too bad imo. We’re allowing ■■■■ for ■■■■’s sake. Correction, someone put fučk on the censored words list.

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I knew it, Jason Bourne, how are you? :male_detective:

I’m for keeping it a family friendly space, although getting cr@p censored is a bit overboard

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That is it exactly!. From what we’ve heard the proprietary AI around spatial and temporal location is arguably the best in the business and they have even licensed it to a couple of auto makers for their emergency auto braking systems

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I’m guessing @Hifihedgehog imported a censor list. I’ve taken ■■■■ and ■■■■ off the list for now, to be revisited if people feel it has a significant negative impact on discussions here.

Edit: overruled, they’re censored again

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What you need is a filter that replaces modern vulgarity with either victorian era vulgarity or random silly words. That’d liven things up while keeping the site family friendly.


Craig Ferguson (talk show host) would have all his swear words replaced by samples like “tootsiefruitsie!” or “wassacomannago!” e.g. with an Italian accent, and a little Italian flag covering his mouth. He had a whole bunch, and switched them up. Definitely made censoring less boring. :slight_smile:

I also liked Monty Python’s method whenever one of their films aired on the BBC back in the day, they used obscure pantone color names that started with the same first letter as substitutes.

So what the #### became what the Fawn…

Clever bunch those Python folks

BTW: I’ve always found it odd the I can remember utter trivia like this, but still go looking for my car keys at least once a week :slight_smile:

I’m all for victorian vulgarity, you lumping pennyworth. You sad bunch of arsewisps, bumfodders and torcheculs. You all deserve a Will Smith twank, you overscutched chumchewing hinchinarfer.

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A true classic.

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