“AI” To Replace CEOs?

Well, it’s on a “rotating basis” so not a complete replacement. But oh the irony! Or is it karma? How many CEOs have gleefully replaced workers with automation and cashed in larger bonuses as a reward? Considering executive salaries these days even partial replacements here and there could potentially save a company tens of millions. :rofl:


I promise there will be a “fee” for using the AI - that is likely to approach the salary. Is software maintenance equivalent to health care?

At least today our bosses sleep - or get distracted. How do Gen Z’ers “quiet quit” a boss who’s always watching?


The first time a board member kowtows to an AI CEO after being told that board compensation is being cut, I’ll believe. 'Till then …


Don’t get me started on something intersecting both: EHR, or electronic health record software. The EHR industry is an utter racket. Many of these EHR providers rake in tens of millions whilst miraculously managing to get HIPPA compliance, and yet many are built on otherwise dilapidated 90s programming interfaces that are rife with holes and bugs.

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The first board meeting…


Because there ALWAYS is SOMEONE behind the curtain…