Additional proof that Apple users are at least somewhat like a cult

When a “leaked” new power adapter is front page news on one of the biggest fan sites. :laughing:

Unreleased 35W Dual Port USB-C Charger Leaked in Apple Doc - MacRumors

EDIT; The Verge has joined in as well
Apple just leaked a dual-port 35W USB-C charger that could clear up the GaN mystery - The Verge


See the source image

What’s the problem? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hey, wait a minute, I know that guy on the right in the wide shot…

The REAL problem is that Apple holds such control on its users that they really think non-Apple solutions are DANGEROUS for their precious Apple gear. I just bought this GaN charger on Amazon for $75 (there was a $25 coupon at the time - not much bigger than the 96W Apple wall charger) with 120W total output, FOUR ports, and it handles recharging my MBP14, iPP11, iPhone and Watch (best if not running the MBP14 at same time - slow charging that way).

PS - there are serious cult vibes in the Samsung community as well - like my oldest who would go without before not having his Sammy…


Is this really surprising? I just came back from the airport, and it never ceases to amaze me how much everyone at the gate has their head down in their devices.

And yes, I realize I’m outting myself, as I cling to every EMR rumor.

Gan chargers are great though. I always find it funny when laptop makers shave weight and thickness from their designs, and then make you pack a ginormous power brick. Why can’t everyone put Gan tech in those? (I’m looking at you Asus…)


Actually this is somewhat significant because this is a first party charger made by Apple.

One thing I’ve learned about the tech industry in my new job, there can be an ocean separating 1st and 3rd party accessories. Like for example, a large tech company(like the one I now work at) might have an internal Apple team that can really only answer questions pertaining to mainly 1st party products, and while they may be knowledgeable and able to discuss 3rd party accessories, they may not be able to recommend the sale of a 3rd party chargers (for a myriad of sales reasons). Nor would they be able to source them directly from distributors since third party accessories can treated differently from 1st party ones at the distribution level (depending on the distributor of course)

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But it’s only 35W and two ports - so meager for so much…

Agreed on looking forward to more GN based chargers, It’s always surprised me when Dell or HP introduce their latest thinner, lighter XPS or Spectre’s and still have a large power brick to go with them.

What I’m hoping to see, and possibly Apple can lead the way, is the end of proprietary power supplies and coalesce around USBC adapters especially now that the spec supports as much as 300W

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