Adding Laptops section to Windows category and MacBooks section to Apple

[edit: I added Macbooks and Windows > Laptops categories, let’s see how it goes]

Even though we’re tablet PC enthusiasts, we occasionally like to discuss good old laptops. On the Apple side, MacBooks are mostly discussed in the MacOS/iOS section, so there I’d propose making a MacBooks section and moving those discussions over there.

On the windows side we rarely discuss laptops, but when we do there’s no relevant section. How about adding “Other Windows Hardware” (like we have in Apple) or just “Laptops”? They would be relatively quiet sections, but I’m OK with that. Based on the example posts below “Other Windows Hardware” might be better, or put the Zenbook Duo in Convertibles, and make a Laptops section for the others.



I’m all for it.

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Sounds good to me

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Great! I’m leaning toward the added “Laptops” category in Windows. If we ultimately find that restrictive we could always rename it “Other Windows Devices” down the line.


Great decision - where in the world do you put a device like the YogaBook 9i - that is getting pretty far afield from a “convertible.”

I proposed this way back, but I think it’s finally time to create ‘Foldables’ sub-category to Windows.

There are enough up-and-coming devices that I think we need a home for all these new fangled contraptions.

Edit: And it’s done…and filled with a selection of threads for the Neo, X1 Fold, Zenbook Fold, and of course your YogaBook 9i thread too. :wink:


Thanks Marty - good idea.

Should we add “dual screen devices” in the description of that section? They are significantly different from traditional convertibles, perhaps more related to foldables.

Just updated the About category description with clarification that ‘Foldables’ also includes dual-screen folding tablets.

I do believe we now have the most precise taxonomy of tablets on the internet. :smiley:

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And yet… there’s no category for this one:

I think we need a category for one-and-a-half-screen devices with keyboard. :upside_down_face:

If these start to catch on, I’d be totally for it. Lenovo even has their ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 as another take on the “built-in tablet” laptop.

…And for only $1156? Wow.

I always thought these kinds devices were still years out of reach for me, but maybe I need to get on the Star Trek future now. :smiley:

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That looks… absolutely horrible to use, even for a lefty. Does it come with a coupon for a chiropractor?

  1. Had to look.
  2. This is a mirror image - real one is on the right
  3. Has a siloed pen (don’t know type - AES or EMR?)
  4. Price is pretty amazing.
  5. Order now for delivery July 11 - July 13 - at least it’s 2023
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