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@Hifihedgehog I figure I’ll work through the sub-categories gradually, starting with the ones that may need some more posting guidance or tweaking.

After some reflection, I propose we change the name of this sub-category to ‘Digital Creations’.

The reason being (as @SteveS alluded to), we want this to be a showcase of any creative work done on a tablet: much of this CG art, but it can also include CAD drawings and renders, audio and music, or even written work, either calligraphy, code, or plain-old prose.


Share your digital artwork here: CG illustrations, 3D models, CAD drawings, music, handwritten or typed works. Bonus, we’re always interested to learn how you made it and what tools you used!

Building off the old Artists / Professions sections, it would be cool if we expanded discussion to how people created their work and what software they used.

We could use the pinned thread as a general showcase thread (started by @JoeS), but people would be encouraged to start individual threads to reveal a little of their personal process and workflow.

This kind of discussion is super interesting, because we all have developed a myriad if creative ways to use our tablets in our work and hobbies. Even something as simple as posting a screenshot of your UI workspace, could inspire other users to explore new software and uses for their tablets.


Awesome! I like the description and the new name. Feel free to change the name as well when you add the description.

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@Marty : Good idea!

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Hey sonic, when I push the ‘Edit Description’ button on the category admin page, it just takes me back to this thread.

Do I have to replace the text in the OP?

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Spot on. The OP of any “About the […] category” is the description for each category. Replace and done. :magic_wand: