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Continuing with my weekly category tweaks, I decided I would tackle this somewhat tricky one.

@JoeS and @Dellaster brought up a good point that this subcategory may be too narrow, with the only well-known example being the Surface Studio 1/2. It is also a little ambiguous right now, with the inclusion of the ConceptD 9 convertible and the rumoured Galaxy Book Fold threads.

So I propose three things:

First, let’s create a new Windows subcategory called ‘Foldables’, anticipating new entries like the Zenbook 17 Fold, and to have a place for the existing Thinkpad X1 Fold.

Second, let’s rename this subcategory to ‘Large Format (20" and up)’, to clearly delineate it for large, special-purpose tablets with built-in PCs:

And third, let’s move the ConceptD 9 back into the ‘Convertibles’ category, grouping it back in with the ConceptD 7 and Surface Laptop Studio, which are legitimate alternatives as workstation-class devices.

I think these changes will improve forum consistency, and help users decide the appropriate subcategory for these niche form-factors.


Sounds like a good idea. Good thinking getting foldables in there.