A tablet for 3D modeling

Good day, my first post here since the forum migrated. I do 3d design and modeling, travel a lot and am tired of heavy laptops taking up a lot of space in my baggage. About five years ago I’ve dabbled with Blender on the Microsoft Surface Book, encountered low performance issues and since then have only worked on laptops. I think the current generation of tablets should be much more powerful and want to pick one up. I work mostly with Blender, Cinema4D and Artec Studio software. That means I need a Windows-based tablet that can handle those pretty demanding performance and system resources. Does anybody have any advice or recommendations based on their own experience? Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Instead of strictly tablets, I think lightweight gaming laptops would be where you want to look, because you want the mobile version of Nvidia GPUs. I think really thin tablet will have issues with bottlenecks from temps.

For my 3D animation and modeling work, I use an ASUS Rog g14 which has a 2060 GPU, which I think is more or less equivalent to a desktop 10XX series. The laptop weights about 3.6 pounds and it also uses the same small 65W charging brick as I use for my phone to save more travel weight.

I would also look at Razer laptops, which can also be thin and light. If you need something with a pen digitizer, maybe the ASUS FLOW X13 would be of interest. I think it only uses a 1660 but you could purchase it’s eGPU accessory to get desktop graphics performance.
I think I read somewhere, however, that the pen feel isn’t as good as what we’re typically wanting on this forum.

If you definitely insist on a tablet form factor, something closer to a traditional MS surface, the ASUS FLOW Z13 could be interesting.

If you’re not in a huge hurry, there’s a chance that the next gen Surface Laptop Studio will offer much better performance than the current gen and the Surface Book. The current gen SLS with i7 and RTX3050Ti does offer sustained good performance due to good cooling and a nice “tablet mode”, but I’m not sure if it’s powerful enough for your needs. Also pretty pricy.

there isnt many powerful devices on market to meet your requiremetns. I would go with Lenovo legion5 with rtx and ability to charge with small 100W power delivery charger + small wacom intuos tablet. Thats my setup mostly for sculpting/modeling in blender. I use rtx only when i render. 99% of work is done with integrated gpu.

Thanks for the recommendations, guys