3D CAD for tablets using touch/stylus

Does anyone know of any apps which are easily used/work well thus?

The only tool I’m aware of which was designed for this is Moment of Inspiration 3D — I really should try it, but got derailed by Plasticity (maybe v3 of that will meet my needs).

I suppose I should continue trying to learn Alibre, but it seems to be designed around a multi-button mouse, and I only use that at my desk in my basement den which is where my MacBook lives and where I do remote work, so I don’t want to use it that much more.

I have had good success with Shapr3D on Windows which has optimization for Windows pen input.


@WillAdams : I will second @Hifihedgehog 's endorsement of Shapr3D, which I have been “test driving” for the past year. I think that MOI (Moment of Inspiration) is a little bit better tailored for tablet (and hence pen) usage, but I waited a long time for V4 and by the time it arrived… still in beta, I might add… I was taken with the more modern-seeming Shapr3D UI and modeling approach. Compared to MOI, another very strong feature is Shapr’s obvious commitment to evolution and feature improvement; I think they’ve had at least three major updates just in the time that I’ve been a user and they clearly have plans for more!

I still have MOI V3 loaded on one of my devices, but for now I’m all in on Shapr. Suggest that you give it a try…

PS: On a purely unrelated note, I continue to chip away at Inklinati, and I’m making progress. I just hope that some time or another, the developer releases a production version as I’m still stumbling over the occasional bug in the game software…


Shapr3D won’t work for me (I did try it when it was first released for the Mac or Windows) because I’m simply not willing to make monthly payments.

I’ll definitely keep it in mind if that changes.

Interestingly, it’s bundled w/ a Wacom One, which I see as a good endorsement.

@SteveS I’ll probably break down and try MOI at some point if I don’t make some arrangement to accommodate Alibre.