2022 HP Spectre x360 14" and 16"

Let’s hear it for the 2022 version of HP’s Spectre x360.

Info on the 16" model here and on the 14" model here.

Lisa’s review of the 16" version:

Yeah, @dstrauss. Check that out, hubba, hubba.


So, will MS be the last major brand without OLED? Great review by Lisa as always. Interesting laptop but 4.5 lbs?


More like chubba chubba…

I made the first post a Wiki (thanks @Tams ), so if anyone has info to add, be my guest!

We certainly have come some distance recently in laptop tech when a 16 inch laptop that weighs under 5 lbs is considered “chubby” :slight_smile:


When you can get a 17" LG Gram under 3lbs I’d say yes, 4.5lbs is chubba chubba…

Yeah a bit of an apples and oranges comparison though. The Spectre clobbers the Gram in raw performance and has that power hungry but superb OLED display. Though the LG’s is a very good LCD


You’re right - and as I also used to poke fun at @Bronsky just eat more Wheaties! But even the 3.5# MacBook Pro 14, when I also haul the 1.5# iPad Pro 11 and Smartkeyboard, its truly porky compared to the SP8 and its keyboard.

Yeah, to my mind the Gram is kind of like the Mazda Miata. In other words, quite unique and successful for what it does but you also have to be looking for that combination too.

I do expect this conversation will gain new currency if some of the rumors about the new Air are true, eg. ~2 pound weight, but still actual “all day” battery life.


If it’s close to 2# it will be amazing - just under 3# not so much…